I AM a healer and Spiritual Life Coach who channels and lives according to my Higher Self, Origin. I am a qualified practitioner of Infinity Healing and Soul Realignment Techniques, as well as a reader of Akashic Records.  I am a True Divine Twin Flame, experienced in detecting and clearing lower vibrational entities and can teach these techniques. I am experienced in aiding people to navigate their ascension experiences and reprogram their conscious realities to One of Love and Abundance.

My purpose is to help you to realign with your authentic Self and to cope with Ascension and integrate it into your physical realities. I walk the walk of Christ Consciousness globally and hope to help you create your Highest Reality of Love and Light.

My policy is to work with clients for an agreed period on an individual basis only. Reliance upon externals is lower vibrational, which includes protracted use of my services and insights. However, teachers are required to help make sense of each ascension as it arises. With this in mind, I AM here for you.